The Type R is a redesign of a classic comfort and long distance saddle. The Type R saddle is designed for long hours in the saddle. It was designed for riders that log a thousand miles over a long weekend. It was also designed for the crazy riders amonst us that ride in all conditions. This saddle was also designed for Men to be very comfortable on the bike. 

The Type R has a short nose section to aid with nerve pressure relief, a deep relief channel, and an air directional vane to help direct cooling air toward the rider’s sensitive area. Designed more for a less aggressive bike setup, the rear is 148mm wide with a long broad curve for easier hip rotation.

For gravel riders, we increased the seat rail height for more clearance.  This seat is the King on those gravel roads giving an added suspension to your bike. If you’re a larger rider, this saddle gives you a lot of room and for riders that have no drop or a +rise setup on the aero bars, this is your seat whether it be for a Sprint or an Ironman, you will like this - ending a ride able to do a 26 mile run. 


The price you pay is the saddle price plus a £15 deposit fee- if you hate the saddle you are refunded saddle fee, in full, minus £15 trial fee. If you LOVE the saddle you are refunded the trial fee and a sparkly new saddle will be with you within 48 hours. The only thing to lose is your sore bum!

Type R Cobb

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  • Ideal for 100km plus rides as well as gravel tracks or just wanting to be uber comfortable, without worrying about doing any soft tissue damage. Ideally suited to the Outtie female dynamic.

    This will give you the comfort advantage !