The Selle SMP Well Saddle is part of a family of saddles that offers some suitable padding, along with the brand's proven pressure-relief design to ensure cyclists actually enjoy the sport and remain supported and comfortable on their bikes.

The Well is best suited for cyclists with medium-wide and wide pelvises, as it features a longer and wider body, with more padding, than other models in this range. At the nose, there's the characteristic "beak" shape designed to provide a flat base while sitting, without excessive pressure on the soft tissue area.

The Well's pronounced central channel was also incorporated, which further reduces pressure on the pudendal nerve and surrounding soft tissue.

The back of the saddle is raised for an enhanced seated pedaling position, where body weight is divided between the rear and lower part of the ischial tuberosity region. This shape also helps reduce overall pressure on the coccyx while riding over rough surfaces.


The price you pay is the saddle price plus a £15 deposit fee- if you hate the saddle you are refunded saddle fee, in full, minus £15 trial fee. If you LOVE the saddle you are refunded the trial fee and a sparkly new saddle will be with you within 48 hours. The only thing to lose is your sore bum!


SMP Selle Well

  • You can buy outright or with a trial - Trial fee on this saddle is £15.00 - if you trial it and hate it - return and you will get your money back, minus the trial fee- Happy days - Your bottom needs to be happy !

    Buy outright and if you return in 7 days - as long as it is in the same conditon it went out in. Then money back.