The new Pro SR is a redesign of the classic San Remo. This saddle has so many special, small features that it is difficult to zero in on just one thing. The Classic shape overall makes the saddle look familiar. The classic shape was arrived at by thousands of miles of riding by both men & women that just love cycling, they wanted performance but demanded comfort and we have delivered these to the rider.  At 151mm wide, the Pro SR delivers a great sitting area and the deep pressure relief center helps eliminate crotch hotspots while using a wind tunnel designed to pull air across your bottom side. And this is not just some hardcore road racing saddle, there is a big resurgence in the triathlon ranks for using a properly designed Classic saddle. With the long, narrow nose section, the riders can move over a long range to find that extra performance, there is also a major weight savings and it offers you a freedom in positioning that most Tri specific saddles can’t match.  We are a leader in saddle design and we were the first with our narrow Delta series of saddles, we designed the extremely popular Type 5  saddles and have preached about “short nose” saddles but look at the bike racks at your next race, Men and Women are returning to these properly designed traditional saddles for all distances of races, don’t miss out on the opportunity for great comfort.


The price you pay is the saddle price plus a £15 deposit fee- if you hate the saddle you are refunded saddle fee, in full, minus £15 trial fee. If you LOVE the saddle you are refunded the trial fee and a sparkly new saddle will be with you within 48 hours. The only thing to lose is your sore bum!


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  • Ideal for both male and female riders, Long nose that will become the comfort go to. 274 gram weight and 80mm rail lenght, this is a super fast saddle.