The award winning PN 3.0 Triathlon and Road Bike Saddle.

The saddle has been based on the ISM Performance Narrow chassis and created using feedback from professional athletes. Commonly used for road bikes, time trial bikes and triathlon bikes.The ISM PN 3.0 has a slightly wider 120mm rear end, all new saddle shape and new tapered-edge mould design that is so comfortable it will “disappear” underneath you.


Like all saddles in the ISM Performance Narrow range, the PN 3.0 has superb thigh and hamstring clearance for better body movement around the seat. This makes the PN 3.0 great for diving into fast corners.This comfy bike seat has a nose-less design which removes pressure from soft tissue for maximum blood flow so riders can have a healthier, more enjoyable ride.


The PN 3.0 saddle is a unique combination of all the best and innovative features of all ISM saddles resulting in one saddle for every cycling discipline. No numbness and no discomfort. Just endless hours of cycling enjoyment on this comfy bike seat.

“…for pure TT comfort, a healthier perineum, zero numbness and consequently better performance, the ISM PN 3.0 is a revelation.” 10/10


At ISM we don’t just raise the bar, we are the bar.

ISM PN 3.0

  • • Category: ISM Performance Narrow
    • Length: 255mm
    • Width: 120mm
    • Padding: 30-Series Foam
    • Rails: Proprietary stainless steel alloy
    • Weight: 260g