WOW- What a saddle, People have been gushing about the ISM Attack since its introduction in 2013. As we know, however, one road bike saddle doesn't work for everyone. In the case of the Attack, everyone loves the shape, but some folks wanted just a touch more padding for that extra bit of comfort which bought about the creation of the ISM PN 1.1.

With its 40-series foam and gel padding, the PN 1.1 gel saddle answers the call for a softer option within the ISM Performance Narrow seat range.

The extra padding makes the ISM PN 1.1 gel bike seat a great choice for cyclists who ride in thin triathlon-style shorts or for those who simply want a softer ride, especially for ladies looking for more support.

The contoured downward slope of the PN 1.1’s front arms can help to aid the rider to roll their hips forward for a higher power output and for increased comfort due to the high amount of saddle-to-handlebar drop. 

Like other ISM saddles, the PN 1.1 is nose-less to allow for maximum blood flow and no genital numbness by removing pressure from soft tissue.


"This saddle has been the answer for me. I had lost the passion to ride as my soft tissue was getting so painful- It has been a miracle for me- after trying hundreds !" Laura - 43, Kent.

ISM PN 1.1

  • • Category: ISM Performance Narrow
    • Length: 270mm
    • Width: 110mm
    • Padding: 40-Series Foam and Gel
    • Rails: Satin Steel