The Fizik Luce offers a non-traditional design with some innovative features designed to solve some of the issues many women suffer from when riding.

The shape itself is a little different to other saddles: the nose is longer, the rear wider and the slope from wings to nose is more sharply angled.

Fizik out in the research on this saddle and this is ideal for an innie labia- Fizik's research indicated that many female riders would benefit from a wider rear base to add support in a range of on-bike positions and a narrow nose with a long central cut-out would relieve pressure on soft lady tissues, as well as being less likely to rub against the thighs of women with stonger legs while riding.

Fizik’s design emphasis has gone into the ‘enhanced wingflex’ underneath the saddle base. The wings are made from incredibly bendy thermoplastic and deform as the rider pedals, to create a feeling of comfort without being to soft on those special lady parts. 

A dream of a saddle to ride in. 

Used by Movistar Women Team rider Eider Merino. 


The price you pay is the saddle price plus a £15 deposit fee- if you hate the saddle you are refunded saddle fee, in full, minus £15 trial fee. If you LOVE the saddle you are refunded the trial fee and a sparkly new saddle will be with you within 48 hours. The only thing to lose is your sore bum!


Fizik Luce R5 women’s saddle

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Color: Black
  • Ideal for more inner labia styles, Width: 144mm