The Delta S has been a long time favorite for both Road and Triathlon.

This saddle has always been amazingly comfortable for male and female alike, if you have even a slight hip or leg length difference, this saddle will put you in the center of the bike. Offering increased wattage if you are centralised on your saddle - more stable = more power.


There seems to be a new trend for the top Pro’s, both Men and Women, to use a standard nose width saddle, the Delta S offers over 20 years of design and expertise within the saddle to offer a perfected shape to give the riders great comfort.

It has several new features like the front gripper to control body motion, our 130mm rear width to eliminate hamstring rubs and an extended rear area for added comfort. We also included our rear hydration mounts for easily adding more hydration to your bike. We find that for riders at 190lbs.
and below, riders that really “crank” the bike, this saddle is a top performer. Men or Women, if you ride some good millage, give this a try.

Delta S Cobb

SKU: 671253175371
  • This saddle is ideal if you ride with your bars either level or lower than your saddle, a super comfy saddle fro the longer miles and a great saddle to just kick back and roll them hills out.