The new Delta M is often called the problem solver, that is the reference name of this saddle given by many professional bike fitters. The saddle was designed to offer a deep, wide relief channel for Men and women. 

Over several years and thousands of miles, we have also learned that it can be a Woman’s savior for soft tissue comfort, as many female body shapes fit this seat very well. This favorite offers a rear hydration mounts, as well as adjusting the foam density, and smoothed stitching.

This is a 130mm, narrow design rear saddle that can get you down the road for those long miles.  The fitting of the bike is key to saddle comfort, first and foremost, seat height and bar reach are crucial, and at most bike fitters you will find a Delta M as one of their main choices to solve comfort problems.  The nose of this saddle is 55mm wide, much wider than a standard bike saddle but not so wide as to cause rubbing.

The perfect blending of the narrow rear leading into the flared-out nose section gives a great seating area.  This works very well on aggressive tri-aerobar setups and road bikes, so that you can drop down deep and not crush your lady garden.


The price you pay is the saddle price plus a £15 deposit fee- if you hate the saddle you are refunded saddle fee, in full, minus £15 trial fee. If you LOVE the saddle you are refunded the trial fee and a sparkly new saddle will be with you within 48 hours. The only thing to lose is your sore bum!

Delta M Cobb

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