This saddle is the answer to many people prayers. It has a nose width of 38 mm wide and the outsides of that nose flat and smooth. Your legs will glide effortlessly over the sides, your upper Hamstrings won't be interfered with either, it's a narrow saddle that flows out wider in the rear to give a great seating area.


This is not a one position only saddle, you can ride far forward or straight in the middle, a lot of great places to increase power to win those races, or smash that hill effort. The saddle is 38 mm tall with more padding, a touch softer to help with those long rides and to help eliminate any chance of saddle sores. If you currently ride in the middle or towards the back of saddles you will see how this saddle cradles you, helping to support your core,(Ideal for anyone making a comeback post child birth or weakend core)  these features make this a very universal product. Whether you are road racing or heading out for a triathlon, whether you ride very aggressive aerobars or a more conservative road bars, this will give you comfort. 

Delta 38 Cobb

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