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Today I was invited to a women in cycling launch event. Women in Cycling is a new initiative launched by CIE, ECF, Velokonzept, Mobycon and CONEBI aiming to boost diversity in the cycling sector and help women to get more impact and leading seats in the cycling sector.

We welcome all women working for cycling to join us to shape the sector forward. Women in Cycling was kicked off at a digital launch event on Wednesday 24 February.

Women In cycling seeks to facilitate a platform which will improve the presence of women in board places, panels, conferences, interviews and jobs.

The vision of Women in Cycling is for a diverse, inclusive cycling sector that provides equal opportunities and contributes to achieving cycling's full potential. There was an opportunity to sign up to Women in Cycling Expertise Portal, meet the ambassadors and hear inspirational stories from women across the sector.

The event was started with the biggest female name in the cycling board room with the welcoming address by Bonnie Tu, Chairwoman of Giant. Bonnie went on to say how the only reason LIV was born is because there was NOTHING for women and they stand, as far as she can see for 50% of the WHOLE POPULATION !

This was followed up by an amazing talk by the inspiration that is Monika Sattler - first women to cycle la Vuelta. She was told by almost 90% of people she told about it that she would be able to do it. No questions about it - she did it.

The whole reason I set up doing what I do at the seatpost - finding women the right saddles and getting women in comfy saddle is so that they ride longer and feel like they belong.

I remember going to a local bike shop (lbs) because I needed a new saddle, I left with some gloves. As the males in the shop just didn't get me - a female. I needed to have an open conversation and I am not a shy person. However this very much did, and still does feel like a mans world. I have been told by a very large supplier that they don't want to be "pigeon holed" as women specific as its not the future. I as a result refuse to stock these saddles.

I think hearing Bonnie Tu speak offered great motivation and she is 100% correct in her assumptions. For that reason I am a Breeze Ride Leader, I love all of these initiatives and will support them wholeheartedly.

If you would like to find out more or to connect #womenincycling #livbikes #theseatpost #breezerides #britishcycling

or drop me an email and I can link you into the group. #womenonbikes #thefuture

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