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Welcome to Watopia !

Zwifiting or using the turbo has a huge impact on your backside. It is so very different dynamically and in every way. The Seat Post speaks with our physio to see what we can do to keep us happy in the saddle.

"So on the turbo you are static and making an effort constantly, on the road you have inclines, and gradients which will see you ride on the hoods, bars and even twisting and turning. If you look at your static position this almost always mimics either aggressive riding- forward on our arms – increasing load into sit bones and arms or we are upright – putting huge forces onto the sit bones and if we have incorrect posture our coccyx. It is so important to be aware of this and encourage good posture on the bike as you would on the road.

Finding a good saddle is key and it wont always work that the saddle you need for the road is the right one for taking on the pretzel in Watopia. The type of saddle that we use can have a significant bearing on how comfortable we remain while training. The saddle should be a proper fit, distribute bodyweight effectively, as well as be position correctly based on rider position."

There are several factors affect comfort levels, and you may have to make some readjustments. If you find yourself creeping forward on the saddle over time, then consider raising the front wheel of your bike with a wheel pod- you can either have a squashy one – which will encourage your core or even just a static one. Which is very good for taking pressure off your hands and also encourages good spinal alignment.

This will help you distribute most of your weight in the broader rear section of the saddle and ensure that your sit bones take your weight as opposed to the softer tissue.

If you’re experiencing any form of abrasions on your skin, then consider using a chamois cream on your crotch area and on the liner of your shorts. Always for longer rides !

If you have to buy a new saddle, then don’t assume that more padding is better.

The most important thing is saddle shape, and making sure it conforms to your contours will go a long way towards improving comfort on a smart trainer. We have some great ones on the Seat post to help.

A favourite on the turbo is the Type 5 and Delta 38 – if you are assuming an aggressive position ready for the upcoming racing season.

If you are looking for a more comfortable ride on the turbo – a saddle such as the Proxim is a class of its own. Stability and support – this saddle will have you getting back in the saddle – ride after ride. As an alternative to this the Kappa is pure comfort.

So what can we do to make our Zwifiting better :

  • A fan (or two): read How Much Fan Do You Need When Riding Indoors? to learn why fans are important and get a list of recommended fans.

  • A table/tray: you’ll need a place to store towels, remotes, food/drink, and more. A music stand is a good start or something like the Conquer Desk is a solid upgrade.

  • A larger screen: try to get a screen that lets you see game details clearly and fills most of your field of view, or one to watch Netflix also is great.

  • Quality wireless earbuds: soon enough you’ll want to listen to upbeat music, podcasts, or chat on Discord as you ride, with your friends and training buddies.

  • A heart rate monitor: it’s nice to see your heart rate on screen, and most Zwift races require heart rate data if you want to one day reach the podium.

  • And don’t forget a sweat towel! It gets hot and bothered in Watopia!

This Tuesday – the 5th January 2021 has seen a “Peak Zwift” thanks to the first Tour de Zwift event!

The kickoff stage 1 event (9am Pacific time) had over 15,000 riders signed up, and at 9:36 the Zwift app was showing the highest number we’ve seen: 37,569! Riders.


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