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Turbo or die trying

This year has seen a record 19,720 "Gamers" join Zwift in March 2020 - this figure is now an almost daily figure.

There are now a couple of platforms and the jury is out as to which is the best - However Zwift is boasting the bigger numbers. Sufferfest is another very popular choice and its good to have a choice.

I hate Zwift - I make myself go on daily and sometimes I manage to do a full week - this is mainly because I have a TV in front of my face and a valid excuse to see no children for at least an hour. Meaning I can indulge in Netflix or YouTube whilst sweating - ALOT.

You sweat ALOT on a static bike. No one ever tells you this, you cant do an hour on Zwift and pop back into the office. You need to be hosed off afterwards. I train in a glorified shed outside, I very rarely need the fan on. Anyone who can manage over 2 hours - hats off to you !

I fit saddles and this gives me so much time to think - and feel this. The pain of being on a static bike for a length of time is not at all natural and the pressures on both your coccyx and soft tissues are bruising if incorrectly seated in the wrong saddle. I have a turbo saddle and a road saddle. The road saddle helps me to climb and cradles me - I do not want this for 2 hours on Zwift. I have countless women (and men) who ask for my help with this, again not one saddle fits all here and some will find they can manage the same saddle for both. Others are only slightly differing. I would say, feel your sit bones, this is the ideal opportunity, are they directly under you - are you sitting "in" the saddle- is your saddle doing the job it needs to. This is time for honing our skills' gaining small gains - make sure the saddle is your biggest asset here.


Set your space up - Have you got Fan-Water- Remote (With Battery's) - Snacks- Towel. Have this all in reach - no excuse, you wouldn't stop your ride if you needed a tissue on the road don't do that here.

Set Your minimum time - I plan to do - A MINIMUM OF 1 HOUR - any more is great otherwise you might feel yourself waning after the first set of hills.

Find something to entertain you - Netflix, catch up on YouTube, pass the time.

Give "Ride on's" and Waves - nothing spurs me on more than realising that real humans are also "on screen" with me. Even of it is 5am and black outside.

Commit to a race - This can be a bit daunting for first-timers. Zwift racing takes away many common roadblocks: there’s no entry fee, no danger of crashing, no travelling to the racecourse and reduced shame if you want to bow out! I would say it’s just as hard as real-life racing in terms of your cardio workout. It’s easier in some senses as well: you don’t get the core workout of manoeuvring your bike, and you don’t need to battle changing wind.

Zwift even has It has its own code of conduct, set of rules and this year has seen Zwift announce sanctions against two riders, giving each a six month ban from Zwift Cycling Esports events after it was determined they fabricated or modified their racing data, “bringing the sport into disrepute.”

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