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Proxim W650 155 Sport T2.0

"Possibly the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in" - 52 year old road bike rider.

"Wow - what a game changer - longer more fun rides, at just the change of a saddle." 47 year old MTB rider.

"Like a hug from a cuddly teddy" The saddle comfort as described by one male rider !

Feedback from a group of 12 riders who trialled the saddle - 11 of the 12 riders said they are now considering a permanent change to the Proxim - with 6 of the 12 riders actually making the change.


When Prologo decided to enter the comfort market, the specifics of the saddle were not just passing thoughts. They launched a design challenge at the Politecnico University of Milan - The biggest design college in Italy. This 360deg project started by an in-depth market analysis to get to know the sector, the target and the competition. All that information and data was spun together to create the best product that Prologo can offer the market - The Proxim saddle.

The Proxim W650 introduces a revolutionary new technology, the Multi-Sector System. This is three different individual zones mapped and seperated along the saddle, each composed of different interactive foams and single-cell padding. These areas work independently adapting to all the positions that cyclists sit on the saddle.

The saddle is shorter at 250mm and wider at 155mm with a semi-round shape which provides comfort no matter what it's being used for and is ideal for long distance riding. Along the edges of the saddle, the Proxim W650 is more flexible allowing greater freedom of movement.

The tip of the saddle has been increased in size and, at an angle of 30 degrees is much more flexible than a standard saddle. The hull of the Proxim W650 has been designed to offer different levels of flexibility throughout the shape. (in a similar vein to the Dimension) as are the edges around the whole shape. The central section is a little firmer, while the heel and wings of the saddle are also designed to offer plenty of flex.

The hull flexibility is matched to the density of the padding throughout the saddle and the overall shape is inspired by the Dimension models, so this one comes up shorter than a standard saddle at 251mm, but with a semi-round shape more suited to an upright riding position.

The saddle also features a pressure relief channel. The nose is 3mm wider than the Dimension’s, but it shares the downward angle.

The Proxim also features the PAS system, which is a channel in the base of the saddle. The hole or channel helps to maximises blood flow and supports the pelvic area while also preventing pressure peaks. This system is designed and developed to eliminate pressure and numbness to areas that need it most.

The Rear Cover on the saddle is designed to increase grip in all weather conditions. The saddle is also equipped with a rear 'handle' to help with moving the bike on to bike racks, as well as a graphic with reflective materials to improve safety.

All this in a saddle for a buy outright price of £71.99 or trial for £15.00

Currently on sale at

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