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The 500 Mile Bike Ride

The biggest cycling challenge of the year!

A team of 26 intrepid cyclists, rode alongside me to complete the incredible journey cycling the length of the country over five days, raising vital funds for Racing Welfare to support racing’s workforce.

The ride started at Carlisle Racecourse on 17th August and finished at Newton Abbott Racecourse on 21st August, covering around 100 miles a day. Along the way, there was beautiful scenery, great camaraderie, and a glimpse of the Tour de Yorkshire routes ridden by the Pros. As well as some spectacular crashes and lots of blood, lots of sweat and a good few F*** words !

Both the start and end of the ride coincided with race days so we all got a roaring send-off and warm welcome at either end of the event. All the funds that where raised helped Racing Welfare meet the growing demand for support for racing’s workforce, whose dedication and commitment makes the sport possible.


I think I am fit, I've done plenty of races in the past few years, I ride 100 miles most weekends and this I thought would be a nice training week. A chance to spend some quality time on the bike, riding fast and having some fun - with newly made bike friends.

Wow- how wrong was I - Day 1 climbing Fleet Moss, I have never seen mountains like it - these where mountains not hills !

The rest of the week continued like this, Some super fast descents, but mostly slow grinding climbs.

The moral of my story - train on what you are going to race / ride on - the flat fens with 200ft of elevation in a ride is no comparison to 5400ft in a few (very slow) hours.

I rode with no saddle pain and comfort in the Cobb R Type - Super lady comfort.

But as they say - "What goes up - Must come down !"

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