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SMP TRK Comfort

Is this the comfiest saddle as the name suggests ? This saddle has been through a rigour of testing and the conclusion is that it sure is one of the most upright comfort saddles you can get.

Especially if coccyx pain is one of your struggles.

This saddle offers a good stabilisation area, you might need a few degrees of shuffle to get this in the sweet spot, however once there you should happily manage a good 50km ride in comfort. The main design of these saddles is that you should also be able to use them to commute so can dismiss the need for a padded short.

Our testers rode on a variety of terrain and with both padded shorts and non padded and the conclusion was that spot on this was mile for mile one of the most comfortable touring and trail saddles.

Grab your trial now and get on the winter trails in comfort this season.

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