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SMP = Torture Device ? Or Bottom Love ❤

The beautiful Italians have a lot to answer for Fast cars, Bloody good coffee, Italian Lovers and the SMP Saddle range, SMP is a saddle that has been perfected in the picturesque town of Casalserugo for 70 years. It actively promotes its high-back, low-front separated design for more than a couple of decades. Every part of the saddle is made and sourced from Italy. A truly patriotic piece of love, that goes into every saddle.

The sciences sits well with each saddle, also in 2005 SMP Selle led the way with The Journal of Sexual Medicine published the results of a study conducted by prestigious medical team: the scientific world officially recognised Selle SMP's superiority in promoting cyclists' health and well- being. The saddle offering good genital health - what a claim. One that it still holds very close to this day and is still a market leader.

VT30C SMP review

The new VT30 C Has been designed for the middle ground, that for "regular sized riders" that could do with less cake but isn't that why we ride ?

Its hugely deep channel effectively separates the left and right sides of the saddle from nose to tail, it features a high, kicked-up tail and a Concorde-like drop to the nose. At first glance it appears more like an instrument of torture than somewhere you want to spend a lot of time.

It does take a good jiggle or 2 o get the saddle 'just so' and make sure you have a Hex key with you on your first ride or so.

I was late as always to my ride and jumped on and set off - for a 70km at 19mph pace.


The super-deep plush padding meant it never felt uncomfortable, just different. Which to start with took a ride or 2 to think ok this is comfy - how can it be...

Once I’d settled into the shape it felt really positive, cradling and supportive. The kicked-up back end is superb when the road starts to rise, almost like it gives you an unfair advantage to shift your weight back and use the tail to push against to pile on the power when climbing in the saddle. We don't have many beast hills here - but this was like getting a push up the butt from a buddy !

On the flat, the switch between shifting up onto the front, where the falling away nose gives you plenty of freedom, and getting down into a long and low position against that upward shaped tail, meant I always felt comfortable when pushing bigger gears.

Named as the worlds best "Bang for buck" saddle by top reviewer & Pro bike fitter Rick Schultz.

An ideal saddle for triathletes to help them find their optimal saddle and saddle position,

Due to a very aggressive, aero position on a bike, many riders complain that they are always riding in pain. Often, moving forward the saddle when riding hard. Many riders are in pain and then fatiguing all of the muscles they are trying to save for the run. This saddle is the perfect answer as it offers padding in the correct places for the sit bones and support for the longer ride further back in the saddle.

I found post baby that this saddle also encouraged me to have a stronger core by supporting me in the correct places. As long as you can get over the quirky design you may have a bottom friend for life.

SMP 209 LITE Review.

(Male reviewer)

I bought the SMP lite 209 after much research and after much numbness and other negative effects to anatomical areas needing good blood flow. I do an annual 400 mile ride each year, Last year I rode the saddle that came with my bike, after which I seriously considered going to my urologist to see what was going on with my "male functions" or lack thereof. I did some on line research and discovered what was going on based on my symptoms. After recovering fully in a few days, I decided to purchase a new saddle. In short, I looked at many, sat on many and chose the Selle Lite 209. I rode the WAM this year with no ill side effects of being in the saddle for three hundred miles except the expected sore butt. I recommend this style of saddle to any male who has experienced dysfunction after many hours in the saddle. Get fitted for the proper width and select the seat with cushion that best suits you. I would suspect that women can experience the same benefits. If you are a roadie, this is the saddle for you.


Haven't experienced any. Possibly the cost - but once you put this into perspective. Have a bike you ride regular or one you have every other week off as your recovering and trying to get your mojo back !

My bike is fast and nimble and now I have an excellent saddle to take me the distance. If I had two butts, I'd buy a second one!

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