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Preparing to go long !

Cycling: six ways to survive that long ride

  • Good shorts. It might seem obvious, but decent quality bib shorts will make a lot of difference to your enjoyment of the day. ...

  • Practise that pace. ...

  • Beat the bonk. ...

Depending on how far you plan to ride, you’ll need to adjust your intake in accordance to distance and effort – and this means food. More specifically we’re talking about real food - ideally have a good coffee shop in mind (this helps on many a front) As well as breaking the ride up - 50 miles to the coffee shop and then 50 miles home. The last part is hell, I would always go 70 miles then you don't have too far home and will get a "cake boost"

Though the calorie burn from a day in the saddle is significant, it might not be as great as you believe. Start with a good breakfast (porridge with fruit, for example), then you could start eating some food after the first hour of your ride and continue every 30-45 minutes or so.

  • Divide it by two. ... as above

  • Change positions.

A long time in the saddle can start to create small aches and pains if you stay bolt upright and fixed in a position the whole time, so remember to reposition yourself during the ride. On the bars, move your hands from the top of the bars to the hoods to the drops, getting used to all positions. Shift forward and back on the saddle to find that comfiest position, and stand occasionally, perhaps on a climb, to stretch your legs out. Most importantly, relax and enjoy it.

Finding the perfect saddle will help !

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