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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Pain when riding ? If so we are here to help !

The saddle is the single biggest source of discomfort for female cyclists, especially those fairly new to riding. But there’s no need to suffer: saddles designed to better fit a woman’s anatomy can take away the pain.

  • Women's saddles almost universally feature a cut-out to reduce pressure on the genitals- However this can be detrimental to some - especially if your an outie (More about this later)

  • A wider saddle may help to accommodate a woman's wider-spaced sitbones- especially after children.

  • Try as many saddles as you like, we offer a super service.

  • Don't forget chamois cream, Even for the shorter rides

  • Always wash your cycle shorts.

Boys & Girls are different as if we didn't know that, even more so when it comes down to cycling, that’s nowhere more important than the saddle and the soft tissue that sits on it. Leaning forward on a saddle puts pressure on the soft tissues of your vulva,and labia - depending on if you are an outie or innie- this can quickly lead to pain, numbness and lasting soreness. Putting you off getting back on the saddle. Some saddles have a cutaway in the hull, with either a hole right through to the top of the saddle, or soft foam over the hole. Some just use softer foam under the lady parts, while others are shaped to better support a woman’s wider sit-bones and so take pressure off your precious bits.

A suitable saddle should support your sit bones, not whole bottom. It’s where your sit bones contact the saddle that is key to comfort; a saddle needs to provide adequate support in these two areas. Just because you have a bigger bottom it doesn't necessarily follow that you have wider sit bones.

The next blog has a video on how to measure sit bone width at home.

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