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Don't Mush your Tush on the Turbo !

As the nights draw in and the roads get a little less welcoming, now is the time to roll out the turbo. Firstly you re not designed to sit - for any amount of time, let alone 5 hours plus (long training sessions) with all your pressure on a bone with the pressure force directly onto the area of a two pence piece.

If you think about sitting at a desk for any period of time, you will move in the chair, perhaps cross legs, sit on a leg roll back and forth - this needs to be maintained as much as possible in reflection on the bike.

Physio Group UK recommend that time on the turbo should be limited to a maximum of 90 minutes and then a break should be taken. If a longer training session is required this should be broken up into 2 sessions with at least 4 hours in between and stretching should be adhered to. (Taking particular attention to the lower back and hip flexors)

This is the most common question we get asked @theseatpost - how do I avoid mushing my undercarriage when spending hours on the turbo...

If I had the quick answer we would be millionaires - however follow a combination of the below to get the best results.


It goes without saying that optimum comfort comes from a bike fit. Ensure the bike you’re riding on indoors is the bike you’ve been fitted to during a bike fit - not your spare bike that you've chucked on the turbo. If you’re lucky enough to have a Peloton or Watt Bike, ensure the set-up is matched. This includes the same saddle - Seat Post has many saddles that can be populated to the bikes.


Its super easy to get carried away on the Turbo sessions and we tend to edge forward onto the tip of the saddle, thus moving the pressure from our sit bones to the soft tissue areas. Causing the mush...

Be conscious of your posture on the bike. Remind yourself of your contact points - pedals, saddle and hands and just check them consciously every 20-30 minutes - am I light and am I straight. Make sure to use recovery periods to sit more upright and move the pressure back to the sit bones before your next effort.


Try not to allow yourself to get any broken skin, this can cause you to be out of the saddle and lead to so many other issues, including scar tissue which can bring other problems.

You will sweat more and this can cause that yucky moist environment that the bacteria loves to live in. Wash shorts well and make sure you always apply chamois cream - we have amazing cream to buy that will stop all of this. ALWAYS CHANGE OUT OF YOUR SHORTS AS SOON AS YOU CAN, the warm environment is ideal for bugs and will upset your delicate balance in your delicate areas.


Railway crossing and and drain covers are not present in Zwift - so we are stuck in a very static position for extended periods of time. Try to simulate cycling outdoors by getting in and out of the saddle regularly or moving from the hoods to the drops to replicate descending and dodging pot holes !


All turbo trainers lift the back wheel off the ground, with this in mind you will naturally be pushed down more onto your bars. Get a riser pad - saves your front wheel and poor posture. This can also increase discomfort in your soft tissue and vulva and can be linked to numbness in the hands and fingers, this could be a sign your front end is too low and saddle to narrow.


Rollers are a super winter training tool - if you master these you will have a core of steel for the new season. You are more than likely to not be able to change your Netflix channel and this takes 100% concentration but so worth it.

If your trying this for the first time - try in a doorway so you have something to stabilize yourself with and grab onto if it goes wrong .....


Have your old threadbare shorts been demoted to turbo use only? Indoor cycling is when you need the comfort and protection the most. Invest in some quality shorts, ones that have a gender specific pad and that offer support as you need it.


Whether you’re thrashing it in Watopia or scrolling Insta, you’re staring at the same spot on the wall and certainly not looking around at the scenery. You must consider the position of your TV or laptop. Too low or too high could cause neck and shoulder pain. Also make sure you have your remote / water/ towel/ snacks all to hand.


There’s an increased need to include stretching into your training regime when cycling indoors. Whether it’s a weekly Pilates session (Yoga with Adrienne- check her out on Youtube is amazing !) or a 15-minute routine after your workout, ensure you’re increasing flexibility in your lower back, glutes and hip flexors to avoid injury.

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