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Cobb - Best Saddle on the Market

It’s probably the ugliest saddle on the market, but after a bike fit and some very reliable suggestions, I decided to give the Cobb Plus a go. However, it took me really five seconds to say “yes” to my bike fitter when he asked me if it felt good. The very first impression I have got was of a relief and comfort I have never tried on a saddle before. And even though I was on a time trial bike, the Cobb Plus is also suitable to aggressive road racers who spent a lot of times on the drops.

The cut and lowered nose of the Cobb Plus is designed to dissipate heat and moisture

When I looked at my saddle while on the fitting bike, I noticed that when I sat down, the nose of the saddle widened, while when I was standing on the pedals it went back to its normal position. I tried a couple of times and it kept doing it, and the feeling of having that extra surface while pedalling in the saddle was really great. As said, something I never experienced before. (Review from Cycling Weekly)

If you are in pain from your saddle you will be slower - human nature is to slow you down if you are in any pain and this is easy to say of soft tissue pain. If your looking for comfort and some serious watts and marginal gains then this saddle is it. Saddle has years of reseach from John Cobb - He has been actively involved in the cycling industry since 1972. He first proved himself as a pioneer in the area of cycling aerodynamics when his positioning and aero knowledge were used with Greg LeMond, thus shocking the traditional European bicycle racing world. John developed a system, early on, for positioning riders in order to gain more speed and comfort. This has led riders from around the globe to search John out for cycling help. He has logged in over a thousand hours of wind tunnel testing time and has continued to be a leading innovator in developing the perfect saddle.

The Cobb Plus saddle is specifically designed to eliminate the numbness in the delicate male and female areas alike this is a hybrid for male and female saddle fit.

I'm not sure I've ever seen an uglier saddle than the Cobb Plus saddle, but at the same time its comfort is great and could beat many of the well known brands. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - however you dont care what the hell it looks like if your comfortable !

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