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Caring for your bum on the bike.

Like all aspects of any training, be careful how you build-up- take your time and allow your body and that sensitive area to adapt. There’s no doubt that your undercarriage does get used to time in the saddle but you can’t rush it. As you build strength and core (Which you will believe me) you will become "lighter in the saddle putting less pressure onto your saddle This can create more bounce in the saddle, as well as friction.

Experienced riders will put more weight and power through their pedals and will typically have a more stable position on the saddle. Following a structured plan that helps you to develop fitness and technique, will make your riding as pain free as possible.

When its down to the shorts.

Don’t buy cheap cycling shorts. Budget shorts are one guaranteed to a sore bottom. You may pay more for the recognised and respected manufacturers but the quality of the pad- referred to as the chamois- and the improved comfort it’ll deliver will definitely pay back your investment. As with saddles, different pads suit different riders so, once you find one that works for you, look after it, until you and your body change.

I love bib shorts as they will stay in position far better when riding, they keep your lower back warm and they stop your bottom peaking out.

Furuncles and folliculitis love to live in dirty and damp surroundings. Always wear clean shorts for every ride and get them off as soon as you can ! Avoiding sitting in dirty and damp shorts once you finished. Always make sure you pack enough shorts or some travel wash. TOP TIP - use an antibacterial soap in the shower after riding to thoroughly clean the saddle contact area.

Always go commando !

Finally, never wear additional underwear, especially cotton. It will hold additional moisture and make soreness, skin irritation and infections more likely.

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