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Saddles for FEMALE anatomy

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The most amazing saddles - these are the front and centre of the bike world and The Seat Post intends on exposing you British riders to the ride of you're lives !

JCob saddles or John Cobb saddles (AKA Mr Windtunnel) the saddles are off the scale.

John Cobb has been actively involved in the cycling industry since 1972. He first proved himself as a pioneer in the area of cycling aerodynamics when his positioning and aero knowledge were used with Greg LeMond, thus shocking the traditional European bicycle racing world. John developed a system, early on, for positioning riders in order to gain more speed and comfort. This has led riders from around the globe to search John out for cycling help.

The last few years and a hugely growing female audience within the bicycle community. John realised that the females fell into 2 different camps (For want of a better description)

Cobb’s exploration started with a large survey – The first port of call his wife, Ginger. This began with a simple approach: asking women what worked, what didn’t, and why.

With the information he gathered, he started modifying saddles and requested feedback – which is where it became apparent that women experiencing the most problems were those with an aggressive set up, or riding on aero bars.

2 things became apparent the nose - some liked a wide nose, some hated a wide nose. There was very little middle ground, it was marmite. However what determined the preference. Following on from this John and his team looked at the skeletons of the female body- those with more forward hip sockets had flatter rear ends and more foreword protruding pubic bones. Women with more rearward hip sockets had more pronounced rear and very little public bone protrusion.

When looking at moulds and x-rays it became clear that the pubic bone and soft tissue location are matched.

Hence the need for an "innie or Outtie" specific saddle - so girls - you know what you are - if you don't ask your partner.

The most amazing aspect of all of the saddles is that when I looked at my saddle while on the fitting bike, I noticed that when I sat down, the nose of the saddle widened. While when I was standing on the pedals it went back to its normal position. I tried a couple of times and it kept doing it, and the feeling of having that extra surface while pedalling in the saddle was really great. As said, something I never experienced before. Like floating - when it fits - its perfect !

With the addition of ISM saddles to the range - gone are the days you need to cable tie the front of the nose. Its all about the ability to fit the saddle to your body - not Vice versa. The ISM range has so many to fit every style and shape of body.

All saddles can be tried in the 30 day trial window. £15 see the start of the trial and during this time we aim to find your perfect match.

"This is the ideal time to find the perfect saddle - the season is just around the corner and everyone is so keen to be out in the sunshine. Make sure your ride is comfortable and a long ride for all the RIGHT reasons."

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