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Bike Insurance do I need it ???

I don't know about you, but I try and get away with as little as possible when it comes to all the "add on" until I need it.

This blog is for sure not to worry anyone into or out of getting bike specific insurance. I just wanted you all to know that there is so so much out there and too much to consider !

It can feel much easier to insure a number of things in one go, which is why many cyclists still insure their bike on their home or contents insurance policy.

However, taking the extra ten minutes out of your day to get an idea of what you need will sure help you in the long run.

I have bike cover for all my bikes, mainly because I am too lazy to go into detail on each one and I had no idea of the cover I had until I was out with a friend. I was telling her about the terrible row my husband and I had after I called him to collect me when I had an irreparable puncture on a tubeless tire. (Another story for another day !)

She told me that more than likely I had free recovery on my all signing and dancing policy - I told her she had dreamt that up (But peddled as quick as I could to get home and see) and sure enough there it was with the number that you call to get "rescued" I am by no means a damsel and would have walked had it not been 28 miles. So now I have the "rescue and

recovery" number saved under just that on my phone. To me that is worth the £98 the policy cost for this and the knowledge that my bikes are covered at home and away at events for the money that they cost.

A separate cycle-specific insurance policy that is just for you and your bike(s) could save you a lot of money in the long run if you were to find yourself in need of legal representation, repairs or rehabilitation following an accident. This is because a home insurance policy does not provide the level of cover that cyclists actually really need, and if you are caught out by this you could find yourself seriously out of pocket should an accident occur.

It is cheaper and quicker to insure your bike on your home insurance policy, but the reason for this is you will get less protection; many home or contents insurance policies will cover your bike for theft or accidental damage but only whilst it is on the premises of your home.

This means that in many instances whilst you are actually out riding your bike, you may not be insured – and that’s the scenario where a cyclist needs good insurance the most.

Home or contents insurance policies will also not be able to offer you cover for risks that are unique to cyclists whilst riding their bikes; this includes things such as road rage assault or cycle breakdown. I hope you like me are never on the end of a mini disaster with your bike but just to be on the safe side.

There are a number of things that could happen whilst you are cycling that you may not be insured for without a comprehensive cycle-specific insurance policy:

  • Personal injury and accidental damage caused by a fault in the road or another road user

  • Public liability fault in busy urban areas. For example, the widely reported case in 2019 where a cyclist collided with a pedestrian; despite the pedestrian not looking before stepping into the road, the cyclist was found to be at fault.

  • Road Rage Assault An unfortunate reality on today’s busy roads is that other road users can sometimes conduct what is called road rage assault against cyclists. With a comprehensive insurance policy, you should be covered for bodily injury occurring from an assault while on your cycle and a range of expenses following an incident like this, including up to £250 of emergency dental treatment and up to 5 sessions of stress counselling.

  • Cycle breakdown. Sometimes parts on a bike fail, and if this happens whilst you’re halfway through your 40 mile cycle commute to work, it can significantly disrupt your day and cost you as you face the challenge of contacting someone who can pick both you and your bike up.

There are many other benefits to choosing bike specific Insurance, instead of your home or contents insurance policy. This includes worldwide cover, sports cover and accessories cover. British Cycling offer some cover on some of the memberships types and there are some really good insurance companies out there. Good Luck and I hope you never need it !

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