Terms & Conditions

The legal stuff

Saddles are either bought outright or with a 30 day trial. You can return an outright saddle as long as it has not been used and is in the condition it was sent out in- Tags attached and packaged it was sent in. (No cheeky little rides)

Saddle Trial on 30 day approval

  • The trial fee varies per product as this price is related to the retail price

  • Trial saddles can be saddles from our saddle library and may have been used previously and therefore not always brand new saddles however should you have received a trial saddle it can be exchanged for a brand new before the end of the trial period should you be keeping the saddle. We do aim to send brand new saddles when possible and all saddles sent will be fit for purpose and fully sanitised.

  • Please take care of the saddle, as it is the customers – (the holder of the account that the saddle is purchased on) responsibility to make sure that the saddle is kept in good condition throughout the trial period and thereafter, the customer is also responsible that the saddle is kept safe from theft and loss, as if you cannot return then you will be unable to return the saddle for the part refund.

  • It is recommended that the saddles are returned via a tracked postal facility as The Seat Post  cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in the post when being returned.

30 Day Fee Brackets

Trial fees



30 Day Trial Period

  • The 30 day’s trial period will start from the postage date that The Seat Post posts the saddle which will be postal dated on the envelope, which takes less than 48 hours from dispatch for delivery to the UK. The return date that the saddle has reaches The Seat Post will be the date of dispatch which will be 30 days after the postal date. Please note it can take 1-2 working days to dispatch and deliver orders.

  • Dates to which the saddle should be returned may be subject to change if the day falls on a Public Holiday. If the saddle is not returned by that date then or the bit is returned damaged or not fit for purpose you will not be entitled to a refund.


Buy your saddle without a 30 day trial. Your saddle will be sent out in a brand new condition. The saddle may be returned for a refund in an unused condition within 7 days as per your buying rights. If you are not satisfied with the goods for any reason or you have ordered the wrong size please inform us within seven days of your receipt of the products, and we will be happy to exchange or refund the goods as long as the product is in the condition it was received, unused and in its original packaging. Postage and packaging charges are non refundable unless the item is faulty then special arrangements will be made. We advise that if you are returning a product that you use a recordable delivery service as we cannot be held responsible for lose or damage in the post.


Don't Mush your Tush on the Turbo !

As the nights draw in and the roads get a little less welcoming, now is the time to roll out the turbo. Firstly you re not designed to sit - for any amount of time, let alone 5 hours plus (long training sessions) with all your pressure on a bone with the pressure force directly onto the area of a two pence piece. If you think about sitting at a desk for any period of time, you will move in the chair, perhaps cross legs, sit on a leg roll back and forth - this needs to be main

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I don't know about you, but I try and get away with as little as possible when it comes to all the "add on" until I need it. This blog is for sure not to worry anyone into or out of getting bike specific insurance. I just wanted you all to know that there is so so much out there and too much to consider ! It can feel much easier to insure a number of things in one go, which is why many cyclists still insure their bike on their home or contents insurance policy. However, takin


The end of this month (May) sees the arrival of Bike Week, delivered by Cycling UK, is an annual celebration to showcase cycling and how brilliant it is. Join thousands of people all across the UK and enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bike. Let's make the world better by bike. Bike Week is runs from 30 May to 5 June 202, the theme of Bike Week 2021 is health and wellbeing. Cycling remains a great way to keep fit and active and is a good way to boost immunity, it's also f


Today I was invited to a women in cycling launch event. Women in Cycling is a new initiative launched by CIE, ECF, Velokonzept, Mobycon and CONEBI aiming to boost diversity in the cycling sector and help women to get more impact and leading seats in the cycling sector. We welcome all women working for cycling to join us to shape the sector forward. Women in Cycling was kicked off at a digital launch event on Wednesday 24 February. Women In cycling seeks to facilitate a platfo

Where to start .....

Saddles come in many shapes and sizes. That's not to mention colours and designs. Saddle width – saddles come in different widths, and you should try and match these to your sit bones. You can measure your sit bones at home: put a piece of tinfoil on the sofa, sit on and lift your feet off the floor so your weight goes through your sit bones. When you stand up, you will see two dimples where your sit bones are. Measure the distance between the centre of the two dimples, and t